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  • About PMG Solar harvest

PMG Solar Harvest is managed by a group of enthusiastic people who love green energy. We engaged R&D, sale and service of solar PV module, solar controller, solar power system, solar flood light and solar LED rubber wire lights. In Hong Kong, there are a lot of schools where have their own rooftop. To promote the development of local renewable energy (RE), we supply one-stop service to assist eligible schools and welfare NGOs install small-scale solar PV systems at their premises. These schools and welfare NGOs can then join the Feed-in Tariff ("FiT") Scheme operated by the two local power companies.


The entire process of solar PV system installation (including conducting site visits and technical assessments, drawing up design of solar PV systems, procuring equipment, installing solar PV systems and conducting system testing, etc.) and facilitate the participation of eligible schools and welfare NGOs in the FiT Scheme (including submission of FiT applications to the power companies and liaising with the power companies on the grid connection arrangements, etc.).


Through the solar energy earned each year, the principle of those eligible schools can develop school-based solar STEM curriculum. PMG Solar Harvest is the FREE solar consultant to design STEM contents and supply solar education kit in the school workshop.

Mission and Vision

Today, we strive to help educational opportunities with local renewable energy (RE) in Hong Kong.

We are the first vendor who had contributed to Solar and Lighting technology came together to enrich the visitor-going experience for Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Solar education

Household rooftop is installed with solar panels, and the height limit is extended from 1.5 meters to 2.5 meters.
(increased by 60%)


Benefit for More than 40,000 small houses in Hong Kong