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10.5kW并网太陽能系統工程安裝在河北省邢台市 返回

On grid solar system project 10.5 kw in Xingtai Hebei province

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of solar power generation system 

On grid solar system is composed of photovoltaic cell square grid connected inverter, without battery energy storage, through the grid connected inverter directly input the power to the public power grid. The difference between grid tied solar system and off grid solar system are battery energy storage and release process, reduce the energy consumption, save the space, but also reduce the allocation cost. It is worth noting that a large part of the grid connected photovoltaic power generation system is used in the case of government power grid and developed countries. Grid connected solar power generation is the development direction of solar photovoltaic power generation, and it is the potential energy utilization technology in twenty-first Century. 

Grid tied photovoltaic power generation system has centralized large-scale grid connected photovoltaic power station, which is generally a national power station. The main feature is that the power generation can be directly transported to the power grid, and the power grid is unified to power supply to the user. But this kind of power station has large investment, long construction period and large occupation area, so it has not developed much. Distributed small grid connected photovoltaic system, especially photovoltaic building integrated power generation system, is the mainstream of grid connected photovoltaic power generation because of its advantages of small investment, fast construction, small footprint, and strong policy support.