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10kW-20KW并网太陽能系統工程 返回

10kW-20KW on grid solar system

The advantages of solar power generation system 

(1) the use of natural energy is clean, renewable, no consumption of carbon fossil energy resources are limited, non renewable, no emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants in use, and the ecological environment in harmony with the economic and social sustainable development strategy.

(2) the power generation can be fed into the grid, and the power grid is used as the energy storage device to save the battery. The construction investment of the PV system can be reduced by 35% and 45% compared with the stand-alone solar photovoltaic system, so the cost of power generation is greatly reduced. The storage battery avoids the two pollution of the battery and improves the average failure free time of the system.

(3) combination of photovoltaic cell components and building perfect canpower and can be used as building materials and decoration materials, make full use of material resources play a variety of functions, not only to reduce the cost of construction, and also the content of science and technology to improve the building, increase the selling point".

(4) the construction of distributed power supply, scattered nearby, enter and exit the flexible network, is conducive to enhance the ability of power system to resist war and disasters, but also conducive to improve the power system load balancing, and can reduce the loss of line.

(5) it can play a role of peak shaving. Networking solar photovoltaic system is the hot spot and focus of the developed countries in the field of photovoltaic applications. It is the mainstream development trend of solar photovoltaic power generation in the world, the market is huge, and the prospect is broad.

Our engineering project 15.6kw on grid solar system in Hubei province